Noodle is dead!

Fans of Gorillaz may be disturbed to discover that Noodle dies in the sequel video to Feel Good Inc, see below called El Manana. Some twats see esoteric meaning in this... "The tower represented a type of prison built out of ambition and the pressure to succeed. The windmill represents something that you want but can't have because you shut yourself away from it. In this video (just a guess), the windmill being destroyed is supposed to represent the old saying -"If I can't have it, no-one can."- Another characteristic of greed and selfishness. "

Hmm, cool vid nonetheless.


Aston Martin worth stealing

The Aston Martin Rapide, the first four-door tourer from the exclusive British marque since the vanquished Lagonda of the eighties. Pure sex on wheels. With dedicated space for champagne in the boot, photochromatic roof, and style and performane to die for, I have to have one now, and am actively recruiting fellow enthusiasts to steal me one. Group 4 cash robbery experience preferred.

Clever girl

My daughter came up with an idea I'm loathe to post. When discussing the evils of smoking the other day (I hypocritcally pray she never falls for it as I did), she remarked that non-smokers at outdoor restaurants are dumb. "Why?" I enquired. "Because all they have to do is sit at the smokers tables, then there wouldn't be any smokers at the restaurant at all!". Damn.



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